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PK Vending Profile

As the leading provider of vending machines across Southern Africa, The PK Group has become a prominent force within the vending industry. Started in 1995, PK Vending has provided a full range of vending services, including supply, specialised manufacture, installation, servicing and technical support for well over a decade. Over the past few years, PK Vending has additionally expanded their services with the launch of PK Coffee and PK Water, and has also moved into the fresh food vending market with their Gourmet Grub brand. The extensive experience and service excellence within the vending machine market has ensured the success of The PK Group within the industry.


The PK Group' mission is to become the dominant force in the supply, specialised manufacture, installation, technical support and servicing of vending machines throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries.

Core Services

The PK Group is divided into three core services: PK Vending, PK Coffee, PK Water and
PK Vending Solutions
. PK Vending also provides fresh food vending machine services
through their Gourmet Grub brand. These core services serve the following functions:

PK VendingPK Vending – as the primary service area, PK Vending provides high quality beverage and snack vending machines as a supplier, creating business opportunities for sellers across Southern Africa.

PK CoffeePK Coffee – meeting the demand for coffee vending machines in the workplace, PK Coffee provides vending services to a large number of offices across the country.

PK WaterPK Water – offering water cooler services to companies and other organisations, PK Water also aims to minimise the need for bottled water to strive for a more sustainable option. PK Water is also a strong supporter of the initiative.

Gourmet GrubGourmet Grub – as the demand for fresh food vending solutions grows, Gourmet Grub provides high quality fresh food across South Africa.

Gourmet GrubPK Vending Solutions – electronic solutions finder encompasing all of our services.


The PK Group distributes a wide range of vending machines including the following:


In all core service areas, The PK Group is committed to long-term working partnerships with its customers. This is corroborated in the fact that 70% of sales currently come from existing clients.
Prominent customers for vending machine services include the following:

PK Clients

Company History

The PK Group was established in 1995 in true entrepreneurial fashion - with little more than an idea but with a sound knowledge of the vending industry. Graeme Keshwar CEO of The PK Group started his vending career during his student years in the USA working for a Pepsi bottler, filling vending machines. This is where he first recognised the potential in the vending industry, and in particular, the demand for vending machines in the corporate and industrial sectors.

After many years working for a leading South African vending company as National Sales Manager, and with the advent of democracy in 1994, Graeme started The PK Group as one of the very first black owned companies within South Africa. This move soon paid off, with The PK Group showing tremendous growth during the past 17 years.

Today The PK Group operates nationally from its head office in Sandton, and has established itself as the largest black owned vending machine business in South Africa. With extensive experience, sound business skills, a high level of service excellence and a growing reputation within the industry, The PK Group is becoming the controlling force in the South African vending industry.

Management Team and Staff

As founder and CEO of The PK Group, Graeme Keshwar has been successful in building a committed management team, whose ability to provide consistent quality service to customers is founded on technical and managerial skills.

The PK Group' management staff is a dynamic team with an accumulative 35 years' experience in the vending industry. The PK Group also realises the importance of adequately qualified and trained staff and firmly believes in re-investing in its employees. This policy is realised in the regularly organised in-house skills-transference programs. In this way, The PK Group applies the experience and wisdom of a growing company through talented people to provide investors and customers with quality vending machine products and impeccable service.

Commitment to BEE

The PK Group's commitment to affirmative action is reflected in ownership management in addition to a well-trained operational staff, who provide the motivated backbone of the operation and servicing of the units on site. The PK Group is 100% black owned, with a BEE rating of level 2 with 125% contribution.

Future Opportunities and Developments

There is a major opportunity for growth and expansion within the convenience vending market in South Africa. Vending machines provide the ultimate 24-hour-a-day convenience, are self-advertising, and the product costs are comparable with that of small retail outlets. While the advantages and convenience of various beverage and snack vending machines are undoubted, the ratio of South African users to machines is still relatively low.
There is an opportunity to significantly improve this ratio through the introduction and placement of further units into the market. The PK Group plans to introduce further units into the market.

Management and maintenance of these machines is crucial. The PK Group has a proven track record in terms of growth, success and hands-on experience, which ensures an excellent foundation upon which to expand operations within the vending industry. With the sale of additional machines, The PK Group foresees the growth of many employment opportunities.

Goals and Strategy

"Our strategy is to deliver growth through a relentless focus on maximising the performance of our Vending portfolio, our geographic presence and the talents of our people."

The primary and immediate goal of The PK Group is to become the dominant force in the vending industry in South Africa. The PK Group intends to embark on a major promotional and marketing campaign to substantially improve the ratio of people to vending machine availability; and also to improve the public awareness of the convenience of this technology, thus creating down the line employment opportunities.

The logic behind this future strategy is clear. By building a trusted and prominent vending portfolio through service excellence, value for money and effective marketing, PK Vending aims to retain the loyalty of customers who use these services, while also attracting new customers in order to obtain greater market share. Developing and expanding our geographic presence allows for the growth of strong positions in key markets. Harnessing and growing the talents of staff as an 'employer of choice' means that skilled people are attracted to the company in order to achieve our future business goals within the vending industry.